Bolivia & Peru Photography Trip

June 22 - July 5


This PRIVATE, PHOTOGRAPHY Tour will take us through major sites of the Inca Empire and Spanish Colonial cities in Peru and Bolivia (that today are independent states), including, Lima, Cusco, Machu Picchu, La Paz, El Alto, and a lot more...


We will explore the Uyuni Salt Flat, which is a salt and rock dessert surrounded by mountains, color lakes, geysers, hot springs, giant cacti, unique fauna and a lot more...


We will also participate in Inti Raymi, the most important INCA festival of the Americas, which takes place on June 24th (Winter Solicistice), where we will see hundred of dancers, priests and the Inca thanking the Sun God or Inti...


Open to photographers at all levels, from beginners to advanced.  Tour will be led by Senior Bolivian Photographer, Helga Herrera, who knows these countries and their secrets...  Any camera, including phone cameras are fine for the trip!



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Bolivia & Peru Photography Trip



Includes most meals, 3* hotels (double occupancy), all transportation between Lima and La Paz (plain, bus, train & boat), all entrance tickets, English speaking guides and Photography coach (Helga Herrera).


- 5% discount and Free "Night & Star Photography Course" for sign-ups before March 20.

- Free "Night & Star Photography Course" for sign ups before March 30.


Hurry...Sign ups open only until April 15th!


Make a US$ 1,000 deposit to reserve your spot (first come, first served basis)


Sign up today!


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