Women play different roles throughout their lives, ranging from daughters and students and business women to wives, mothers and grandmothers.  At Grafika, we help these women feel beautiful and confident about their image at every stage, and transform these positive feelings into amazing photos.

Business and glamour shots of a lady wearing a beautiful fucsia/white dress and a pearl necklace from Bravo.  Short hair.
Three different shots of a the same red haired woman, wearing different outfits and in different poses.  Formal and informal clothes. 

Always Beautiful ... Corporate Headshots or Glamour Images

Every time you feel beautiful,you look beautiful,  and we capture this energy through our lens and celebrate who you are today!  Professional head shots or glamour photos are part of the gameā€¦  Come by yourself or with the important people in your life (partners, spouses, kids, parents and friends).

Beautiful blond woman dressed in black.  Shoulder long hair, blue eyes.  Three different half body shots of the same lady.

Don't wait any longer for the ideal moment, today is the perfect time.   I love the smile of my clients when they look at their pictures!  I want to see your smile too.




Helga Herrera

Photographer & Managing Partner

Grafika Photography & Design

Helga Herrera is a photographer, specialized in Women and Corporate photography.


Her focus on women photography is sprung out of a passion that emphasizes on a beauty that changes - something she aims to present in all her pictures, and a confidence she loves to see glow out of all of her clients portraits.


Leaving her career in Marketing and Trade to follow her passion in photography, Helga has never looked back. With a degree from the  Photography Institute in the UK and having participated in several workshops and seminars throughout  the last 10 years, Helga has mastered the art of photography and editing.  After moving to Singapore, more than 5 years ago, she founded Grafika Photography and Design, being one of the main photographers at the company today.


Helga also enjoys teaching. She shares her photography knowledge and her experiences in photography through various photography courses at different levels, including group courses and private tutoring


Women Photographer, Trainer and Managing Partner @ Grafika Photography & Design.