High Quality  Fine Art Prints

Professional high resolution studio finish paper  or  museum grade paper.  Any size between 4”x6” and 12”x18”, using state of the art professional printers and the best inks.  Framing services available.



For that special photo you want to exhibit on the wall. Multiple sizes, 12”x18” or bigger.  Superior inks, frames, canvas and satin laminate, perfect for Singapore’s high humidity.  You will receive the canvas stretched on a wooden frame, ready to hang.


Coffee Table Book

Books are perfect to display lots of photos and are a great gift to yourself or a loved one.  Pictures are printed on professional paper and mounted  in a book.   8"x12" or 8"x8", hard cover, 20 pages.


Digital Images

We provide low resolution digital files of all the images you purchase, perfect to share on-line with friends and family at no additional cost.


Full body shot of glamorous woman sitting and looking to the side, she's wearing a flowery blue dress from Anna Rainn and red, high heel shoes.



Glamour/Profile Photography Session

It might be a luxurious or a more informal session.

You will feel excited, but relaxed, confident and attractive, and will project charm and good looks.

Studio and/or Location. 60 - 90 min of absolute fun.  Come by yourself or with the important people in your life.

(partners, spouses, friends, children, parents,etc.).


Corporate Photography Session

Individual portraits or groups for all corporate or business purposes, a photography session to get you Linked in ready.

Office or Studio.  90 min - 180 min or more, according to your needs.


Lifestyle Photo Session

We will capture real life events artistically, we will follow you to your favorite places around Singapore.  The goal is to tell

the story of who you are.  Perfect for special days in your life, "girl's night out" or as "farewell gifts."

Indoor, outdoor or a combination of both, as many locations as allowed by time. 90 min - 180 min.


Promotional 30 min Mini Studio Sessions @ fixed dates

Don’t miss the Mother's Day Event  one on Saturday, April 22nd and Sunday, April 23rd.  Contact us for details.


We can help you with your hair and make-up - we team up with first line hairstylist and make-up artists.


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